Suzette De A.
From Google Reviews

“Dr Liss was AMAZING with my son, my son is non verbal autistic. Dr Liss came in with a calm voice started taking to me and my son. He showed him the scraper he was going to use and just finessed it so well Marcos didnt even know it was done. Now the freezing process couldnt be helped but still Dr Liss was calm and got it done.”

Kevin E.
From Yelp

“He might be young, but he is excellent. He listed all the options for what I can do for my foot (bone spurs). And listed the positives and negatives of each procedure. The surgery was quick and painless. The incision was small and very clean and straight. My foot feels and looks much better. Thanks! Back to volleyball soon!”

Lynda M.
From Yelp

“I knew about Dr. Rosenthal from my friend, a 90 year old retired MD, so I knew he was good. This is my first time ever going to a podiatrist. He was wonderful. Not only does he have a warm and charming bedside manner; but he also really knows feet and ankles. I came in thinking I was going to need some expensive orthotics which were not going to be covered by my insurance. He showed me how I could fix my problem using other techniques that my insurance would cover and would also address the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. I highly recommend him.”

Bruce L.
From Yelp

“I visited this place on the recommendation of my primary care doc “..I don’t do feet.” he said.

The doctor at Podiatry Medical was very sincere, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Need I say more? I will anyway. I saw Dr. Rosenthal, who has a great manner in dealing with nervous-types (me) his kindness and thoroughness were most reassuring. After the first treatment the problem I had was greatly improved. I strongly recommend this guy and all the staff there. They are tops!

They worked me in quickly because I had pain. This is also a great plus in accessibility. There is ample free parking in back, and they are on the ground floor! If your foot hurts – you will also appreciate this feature.”

Jonnette M.
From Facebook Reviews

“Dr. Liss is great. Gave me a thorough explanation of where my foot & ankle pain was coming from and exercises to help. Went today to get a cast of my foot for some custom work boots and got more great suggestions on top of that. Thank you again Doc!”

Taylor L.
From ZocDoc

“Dr. Liss a really great doctor , super kind to his patients and really helpful and definitely doesn’t make you feel lame when you act like a big baby! The staff is also really lovely so it makes the experience feel so much better!”

Brian S.
From Yelp

“Was diagnosed with a “Heal Spur” and my first thought was surgery. Went in today and found out that 90% of people who have this don’t need surgery. Scott Rosenthal was amazing and gave me several options that were not surgery. Very nice Doctor and I glad that I trusted all the great reviews about him and his practice. Again thank you Scott for the friendly advice and would recommend you to anyone dealing with Foot Pain.”

Michael F.
From Yelp

“I first went to Dr. Rosenthal about 8 years ago. I started having problems with my feet. It had become very painful for me to stand or walk upon getting up in the morning. The pain eased up somewhat after getting up but still hurt a lot. I went to Dr. Rosenthal and was diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis. He made some orthotics for me and they have worked great. I haven’t had any problems with the Plantar Fascitis since then.

A couple of weeks ago, I started having some problems walking again. My foot was very tender to the touch near the ball of the foot. I went to Dr. Rosenthal and he found out I had a thorn embedded in my foot and removed it. Instant relief.

Dr. Rosenthal is very professional and the staff is courteous. I will continue to go to him for any future problems.”